Young entrepreneur !


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Mar 30, 2007
So this young man has set up a lemonade stand on the main road toward the canter of town. I've missed him a couple times already because he's been closed on my return back into town on my rides. But today being an early day from work I was able to stop for a cold one before finishing my ride.

So here is a question for you, did you do anything like this as a kid to make money ?

Don't be shy let's hear it !

I'll start I had a paper route and I sold used golf balls.

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I once sold a few pieces of candy when I was little. I didn't make much 'cause I just wanted to try being a little business man. It was fun.
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Yeah, we used to set up various food stands when we were younger as encouraged by the school for its foundation day. We had fun selling various homemade candies and food to our visitors.

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