Youngest Unicyclist

Discussion in '' started by tylercox, Jun 2, 2004.

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  5. gasmaster wrote:
    > *i herd about sum chik who rode @ age 2, but i forget where *

    18 months, I believe John has a video and I am sure has her name.


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    rogeratunicycledotcom wrote:
    > *John has a video and I am sure has her name.*

    Yes he does.
    > -Posted on 'the Unicycle Page'
    > (
    > *Nini Hall (daughter of Mel Hall) is believed to have been the
    > youngest unicyclest, riding across a stage aged 18 months.*

    It would be interesting to see the video.

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    John who?

    I have her name, Nini Hall. Daughter of unicycling great Mel Hall, who
    recently passed away. She reportedly rode across the stage (or ring) at
    the age of 18 months in a pair of diapers.

    Nini is a professional circus performer, and I had a short email
    conversation with her a few years ago, but then lost contact. I have
    seen her sister in the Clyde Beatty Cole Bros. circus in the 80s, but
    never saw her.

    Her father Mel was a famous unicyclist in the 1940s, doing things like
    side ride one-handed. He is also shown in movie, Sensations of 1945,
    freemounting and riding an inverted 9-footer. That is, running up it,
    and riding upside down, with his hands pedaling. He also did a
    hand-cranked ultimate wheel. In later years, he taught orangutans to
    ride unicycles.

    I don't have a video. Not sure when this happened, but probably in the
    late 50s or early to mid 60s. I read about it in early issues of the USA

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    i was 4 or 5 when i learned... but thats nothing compared to an 18 month
    old!! i wish there was a video


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    The youngest rider I have met was King MUni Man, aka. Gabe. At the time
    I think he was 6. If you want to meet him, he spends most of his time
    up north in Alaska.

    Before meeting KMM, I was the youngest rider I have met.

    18 months... wow!


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  10. johnfoss wrote:
    > *John who? *

    You of course. You are the orical of all unicycle knowledge. :p

    > *
    > I don't have a video. *

    Ahhhh, if not you.. then possibly Connie. I know it was on one of my
    trips to the US that I watched it and I had thought it was at your house
    after the Muni weekend. It was not when she was 18months old but
    possibly 2 or 3 I would have guessed.


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    tomcopeland wrote:
    > *Michael Grant told me that his three year old son could almost ride.
    > That was about a year and a half ago. I'll try to find out if he ever
    > learned and at what age. *

    Angus* (my youngest child) expressed an interest in learning to ride at
    age two. At the time the smallest unicycle I could find (and afford)
    was the Sun 12". I got it for him but it was too big. He could not
    reach the pedals.

    I arranged to have a smaller frame built but he still hasn't learned to
    ride. He seems to have lost interest and I've not wanted to push him
    into it.

    Gertrude*, my daughter, learned to ride just after turning four. My
    olded son Harry* learned to ride at age five.

    I'd post pics; but with all the unicycle internet predators you just
    never can be too careful (*Names have been changed to protect the


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    Hi my name is Tyler Cox and im an idiot! Just look how bad my videos are
    for proof! Also I am 10 years old which means I am too dumb to use a
    computer so my dad types for me!

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  13. leo

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    Then maybe not the youngest but 'reports are comming in'
    ( that ther is an 4
    age years old unicyclist in the "Rusian State Circus" that now is in the
    Bronx in New York. Anyone out there that can make video?

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    ignore him and finish the job".
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  14. My son's 4 years old and so far can ride 200 metres on his 12" uni. He
    can also do figure of eights. Watch out Kris Holm......!

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    Aaron is only 15!!!! He has just came out of nappies (dipers for u
    american folks)!

    I think the youngest (mental) age unicyclist I know is Simon. 17 going
    on 2


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    Chris Reeder made a very cool 12" unicycle with 2.6" cranks that he gave
    his daughter 4 years ago, when she turned 2. Here is his web page
    describing it: and it includes a
    cute video of her opening the present. Don't know if/when she actually
    learned to ride it though.


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    joe wrote:
    > *Aaron is only 15!!!! He has just came out of nappies (dipers for u
    > american folks)!*

    Indeed, we had to be very careful at BMW to make sure he didn't get left
    behind. Bless him, he's only little, he doesn't have the stamina to go
    up hills or ride very fast. Aaaah...


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