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    I scan Craigslist for stuff I want to buy, usually used. I look for bargains, and I bought my minivan and Honda Civic HX that way. I haven’t had much luck selling on Craigslist though, only my 1993 Mazda MX6LS V6 – sold it the same day I advertised it in summer 2010. However, I only got $1000 for it. I “gave it away” at that price because he was a college student so I was helping him out, as someone gave me a car deal when I was in college too.

    Now, I've gotten 4 great Craigslist bike deals! First I bought a great condition 80’s vintage Raleigh Marathon, and it had a Pletscher Rear Rack so it was worth something more, but it was worth less having heavy steel rims and it was a 10 speed and had a bolt on rear axle. I paid $160 for it, but I should have bargained $140 for it for having steel rims and a bolt on rear axle. Because in 1987 my parents bought me a 1987 Raleigh Marathon for college and it had sealed bearing aluminum rims with full quick releases. Well, I made a lot of modifications to it and in all I spent $821.05 on it. See the before and after pics! Now I kept the original parts in case I resell it because no one will pay $800 for a vintage bike! I upgraded the wheels to an aluminum rim sealed bearing wheelset, and made it a 14 speed [7 speed cassette upgrade]. I also gave it EXPENSIVE Continental Ultra Gatorskin Hardshell 27” tires! So I’ll get a fast puncture proof ride! Pumped up to max pressure the tires roll well and don’t feel slow!

    My next Craigslist bike deal was a Park PCS-9 bike stand for $75. But I was cheated a bit, the seller advertised a PCS-10 bike stand but when I got there it was a PCS-9. But it looked ok enough. Now using it after awhile, I’d say the PCS-9 was all I ever needed. The screw tightening holding mechanism just might be better than the quick release clamp on mechanism in the PCS-10. So it worked out ok. And now I noticed a BIG DIFFERENCE in how easy it is to tune up and check my bikes derailleurs and brakes! Now my bikes are up in the air when I tune these, not the bike being upside down or held up partially. After using a bike stand I recommend that serious bike people who own several bikes and do their own tuneups should own a bike stand! See: Park Tool Co. » PCS-9 : Home Mechanic Repair Stand : Portable Repair Stands The PCS-9 cost about $130 shipped from online. It also helped me a lot when I clean my bike chains on 4 road bikes with my Park Chain Gang Cleaning kit.

    3rd Craiglist deal was a bike stand holder, see: XPORT Bikes Aloft 2 Storage Rack - Indoor Storage
    The guy advertised it for $50 cash, I emailed him that I have a minivan and can pick it up tonight for $40. He settled for $45 cash. Made the deal and it was in good condition. I now have 4 of these!

    Last Craigslist bike deal was 2 Onguard Bulldog ULocks sets with cables - $20 in all! It’s this: OnGuard Bulldog DT 5012 Bicycle U-Lock and Extra Security Cable: Sports & Outdoors
    So I saved $70 on this deal. But I will send both of these lock to my cousins to use in the Phillippines – they don’t sell good quality Ulocks there! I already have a good set of longer Onguard Ulocks, one of them a combo lock!

    So have you ever gotten any good deals off of Craigslist?[​IMG]