Your Cycling Locations


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Jul 29, 2001
Where does every one live near. I would post some rides i do but i get the feeling there is no one here near my area.<br /> So where you all from again?
Can I guess that those rides wouldn't extend to Jo'burg Suid Afrika? Can't copmplain though, there are tons of guys from this thread around here.
[quote author=ness link=board=7;threadid=2481;start=0#21499 date=1033871600]<br />Im in Engadine - sutherland area (south sydney)<br />[/quote]<br /><br />Thats the area were the fires are right?
Fourways Jo'burg SA<br /><br />Two wheels good - three wheels best<br />If its wednesday its Kyalami - 8)<br />Have kids - Must Cycle!<br />
i live in sydney and i'm stuck to find some good riding spots
Safety Bay WA. I've heard there are a group or two around here, but haven't found em yet...
Jak where do you ride and where do you live

I'm always keen to hook up with other Sydney members for a ride
Melbourne, South Eastern suburbs. Ride Dandenongs on the weekends.

Anyone interested in having someone to ride with up there leave me a message on in the Aussie MTB forums. I check in there each day, so most likely to get me there

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