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  1. Your diet may soon cure diseases!

    The Tribune Wednesday, June 2, 2004

    Wellington - Eating nutritional foods could soon help people
    avoid obesity, bowel cancer and cardiovascular disease if
    scientists are to be believed. According to the New Zealand
    Herald, a new research conducted by Crop and Food Research,
    AgResearch, HortResearch and the University of Auckland has
    revealed that diet had potential to make a real difference
    in genetically linked diseases.

    The New Zealand Nutrigenomics Centre of Excellence looks at
    the relationship between a person's genes and what he or she
    eats. Dr Lynnette Ferguson, the leader of the study, said,
    "Our genetic make-up determines how we react to different
    foods and how we utilise them. What has got nutritional
    value for one person may not be so good for another."

    By looking at those genetic differences in people ...
    scientists might be able to manipulate their diet to help
    manage the disease, she said.

    Crop and food research leader Prof Julian Heyes said
    sufferers of Crohn's disease, an incurable irritable bowel
    condition, might be the first to benefit from the research.
    He also said about half of those who suffered from Crohn's
    had a specific defect in their genes. Patients reported
    improvement when they ate certain foods; it was not clear
    what foods were beneficial and why.

    He said the ultimate aim was zeroing down on the foods that
    those with Crohn's reacted to. Diet could also be used to
    prevent the onset of type-2 diabetes, obesity and even
    bowel cancer to those genetically predisposed to the
    diseases. - ANI

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