Your PC



What sort of PC do you access this site on?<br /><br />My basic specs are:<br /><br />P4 2Ghz<br />Windows XP<br /><br /><br />cheers!
:-[ :-[ :-[<br /><br />P3 866<br />Windows ME<br />256 memory<br />DVD <br />CD-R<br />17 inch Monitor<br /><br />and a bloody 56k modem :( (though I'm working on this one ;), just as soon as the finance committee-wife gives the go ahead, it will be Broadband heaven)<br /><br /><br />
p2 266 :-\<br />Win 98<br />But I have cable acces at home and Optic Fiber at my University.
Athlon XP 1800<br />256 MB RAM<br />geforce 3 200 Ti graphics card :)<br /><br />and a crappy 56k modem :'(
P4 1.7ghz<br />512mb dual channel ECC RDRAM :)<br />20Gb hard disk<br />TNT2 graphics card :-[<br />Win XP<br /><br />It was a CAD workstation from a friend's work that was being sold off at an insanely low price (minus its graphics card unfortunately) .. now it's spending its &quot;retirement&quot; browsing the web etc. ;)
P2<br />4G<br />speed touch usb modem (ADSL)<br />CdR<br />HP Deskjet 695C<br /><br />Quite an old computer, but it's still doing his job ;)<br /><br />Jelle<br /><br />
Dual P3 550<br />1 gig ecc ram<br />acer 10x8x32<br />9gig scsi 2x20gig ide<br />voodoo 5500 videocard<br />hercules gametheatre xp soundcard<br />21&quot; dell monitor<br />winxp pro<br />cheers<br />rifraf
Home:<br />PII 333 (you can stop laughing now!) :-[<br />ISDN<br /><br />Work<br />P4 2.something
Work<br />PIII (M) 1000 (M = Mobile, i.e. notebook)<br />128 MB Ram :(<br /><br />512kb Direct Line to be upgrade to 2MB. ;D<br /><br />Home<br />I cycle when I'm at home ;D ;D