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Torrey Hills

Guest is a California corporation headquartered in
San Diego, CA. Our mission is to keep our product line simple and
focused to offer the best price for your anodizing racks needs.

Anodizing Racks Online offers anodizing racks made from titanium and
aluminum. Our racks, constructed with Commercial Pure Grade 4
material, are resistant to corrosion by most solutions used in the
anodizing processes and are perfect for volume, long-run productions.
We also offer anodizing pin racks in 4-Way and 6-Way styles. Pin
are constructed with 6061-T6 aluminum and are plastisol coated to
protect the rack from chemical corrosion, allowing longer rack life
and consuming less dye. Custom design also available upon request.

Would you like to enjoy the highest levels of quality, service, and
technical support, while slashing your costs by up to 30%? Surely,
can think of better ways to spend the money than overpaying for
anodizing racks!