Your ultimate bike!


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Jan 24, 2002
If you had unlimited funds what would you buy?

Mine's a Litespeed Ultimate (cool name to boot!) with carbon rear and full carbon Look HSC3 fork. Dura Ace with the 2002 Mavic Ksyriums to complete the package.

The Shimano/Campy choice is going to be interesting....

Whats yours?
Bianchi EV4 with Campy Record gruppo. Available on special order only. Price? A cool R50 000 or US$ 4500! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

My choice would be a Cannondale CAAD 7 with Dura Ace and Mavic Ksyrium wheels.

For a better look, go to
Mampara - the Cdale was a really close second! It lost on it's rear triangle - even with the snake stays (from around CAAD4 onwards) you get kicked around fairly badly.

If Cdale put a curved carbon rear on their bikes it would be a 50/50 choice between an Ultimate and a CAAD7....
Yes, the Bianchi is one beautiful work of art. I'd take the EV4 (Celeste, of course) then build it up with Shimano D/A (The king of components!), 3T ZEPP XL bar/stem, and Shimano compatible Campy Nucleons. I think Campy wheels are absolutely gorgeous.

Now, all I have to do is save up! hehe
The Trek 5900 USPS Team Superlight:


Lightest production frame in the world 1,02kgShimano Dura Ace, Bontager Race X-Lite wheels, the fork weighs only 348 grams :eek: :eek:
What do you guys reckon about custom made bikes? There are hundreds of bike shops here in the UK that'll weld up an alu or steel frame to your specs. Plenty under 1kg too (lighter than the Trek 5900 above!!!).

Produx in SA will weld you a sub 1kg custom machine.

D-amn that Trek is sweet.
Colnago C40 B-Stay with Campag Record Carbon-Fiber and Hyperon wheels. But I would probably hate the groupset as I am more accustomed to Dura-Ace I would probably opt for that with a set of Ksyrium wheels, that is unless the Hyperon wheels could take a Dura-Ace body.

After having two Colnagos I would not chose anything else. It makes for sheer riding pleasure. And to boot, anything that has Ferrari's input really does come out great.

Ultimately I would love to have the CF1 but I couldn't think of riding something that nice. I would frame it and stick it up on the wall.
Dimboy2 - All of them; road, track and mtb any bike that you want sooo much that you would be willing to:
  • eat only tinned sausages for 3 years
  • Risk a divorce
  • Sell your car
to own.
Yes, the Bianchi is one beautiful work of art
??? Looks boring to me. standard frame design its black with blue decals. not very exciting for $9000. :eek:

my giant tcr adonized bike looks much nicer for a lot less ;D ;D
expensive italian rubbish ;D ;)

Lightest production frame in the world 1,02kg
so the giant tcr0 frame is 1,05kg and its a lot cheaper and better cuase its aluminium ;D.i dont like what i hear about carbon fibre saging.

as you can tell i like the giant tcr0 ;D ;D ;D
Being only 12 I don't know much about bikes but I would just love a Corima track bike with disk wheels or tri spoke etc


My dads m8 has one! ;D
Oh and for road I would gave a Trek OCLV (or somehting along those initials I don't know exactly what they are) My dad has one of those and he is gona give it me wen I grow into it (I am 5 foot eight) he is about 6 foot!


Shame I've stopped growing :(
Dimboy - You are one lucky man if you are going to inherit a Trek with an OCLV frame 8). I'll probably have to sell my car to own one

L-g - Very interesting looking bike, you'll definitely stand out in a crowd on one of those babies
I'm a huge Italian bike fan, so my ultimate would be a De Rosa King, Campag Record groupo, Mavic Rims. Going price as I want it, R68000. I'll have to go on the sausage diet for 8 years, face the divorce and a beating and sell everything I own!


I would if I could!!
Dimboy - You are one lucky man if you are going to inherit a Trek with an OCLV frame 8). I'll probably have to sell my car to own one

Its not the frame the whole bike ultegra wheels and groupset or woteva lol