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    I want to purchase a Hunter 36" frame and need to liqidate my 29" Yuni
    for funds. It is the $245 model on with the following
    updates- Schwalbe Big Apple 28X2.35 and Odyssey GI post clamp and cromly hub. I bought this a couple of months ago and have
    ridden it less than a mile. It still has the protective tape on the
    sidewall and tire nubs. I'm asking $220 plus shipping. If it sells it
    I will also have a stock coker frame for sale. If interested pm.

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    oxfordrider wrote:
    > * I wan't to buy the 26"/29" that's being auctioned. *

    I think that would be the 26"/ 39" of SH. Zoom zoom zoom!
    BTW, we would all like to buy that custom unicycle. Good Luck.

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