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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Europa, Feb 13, 2007.

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    Jan 12, 2007
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    I don't have a bent ... yet :D

    I want one, not because of any physical dramas (apart from the usual tummy size associated with enjoying the red vino), not because of any medial issues (my doctor has to drive an old car, he can't afford a porsche on the strength of my visits) nor because of any perceived or actual advantages offered by the beasts. I want one because they're ... well ... recumbents. Different. It's something new to try. It'll enhance my reputation for doing things a bit differently to everyone else. ;)

    But, having just spent more money than my father can see the point of in buying a new df bike, and kitting myself out in all the stuff you seem to find necessary once you start using said bike for more than just a quick dash to the shops (I know why nicks are so expensive ... because your bottom hurts so much without them after that first hour's riding:rolleyes:), and being a single dad, and being a compulsive tinkerer ...

    ... I'm going to make mine :D

    This thought occured after discovering Bentech. I might even do a TAFE course and learn how to weld (but have got a mate who can do it). Dunno that I can see myself making derailleurs out of sheet ally though, I might cheat and buy them, but I like the concept of going down to my local exhaust specialist and sourcing the bits for my frame (the cost of importing a frame kit to Oz is extortionate I'm afraid).

    At the moment, I'm in the 'gee, this is a neat idea' stage of the process - about the only bit you ever really enjoy because you don't have to face reality :rolleyes: Bents are as rare as hen's teeth here in Adelaide so the new or second hand markets just don't exist - besides, there's that money issue again. I've successfully built wooden boats and restored MGs that I technically couldn't afford by buying bits as I found the spare cash so a wee bike shouldn't be an issue - it's not as though it needs to be on the road next week.

    Any other options other than Bentech?
    SWB or LWB or doesn't it matter for a beginner?
    What's the deal with underseat steering and would I be wise/foolish starting with that?

    Please fuel this insanity :D


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    Aug 13, 2003
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    Google on wisil and look at their site. Whole bunch of DIY bent builders there.
    Eyeball the pix of frames and bikes at manufacturers websites for hints and
    kinks. The monotube approach is probably simplest: google Bacchetta bikes,
    Volae bikes, Rotator Recumbent for their Tiger, Rans for a variety of frames.
    USS adds a bit of complexity as you need a pivot point for the bars and a lever arm for the fork with a connector between.
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    May 26, 2006
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    I just bought and built an actionbent jetstream 2 with understeering and i have to say that it is an awesome bike and very fun to ride. The downside is that it takes more room to turn around and can be hard to learn at first.