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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Ernst Noch, Jul 16, 2004.

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    This morning, interview with Erik Zabel before the stage.

    The reporter:
    "Well, we have this schmuck here in the team, who said at the beginning=20
    of the Tour that this Zabel guy seem to haven gotten a little bit older, =

    and doesn't win as much.
    Now he's saying the this Zabel guy might win the green jersey.
    What are you telling schmucks like him?"

    Zabel, laughs:
    "Ahh, look, when I was for instance watching the European Championships=20
    [note: Soccer, where the german team look quite bad], I was also running =

    my big mouth. This belongs to watching sport."

    "What happened on that stage when Kl=F6den didn't let you pass?"
    Zabel (laughs)
    "Well, we just wanted to show aspiring racers how not to do it."

    And, while I'm at it, in the movie H=F6llentour about the 2003 Tour, when=
    Aldag, Zabels teammate, talked about how he felt with Erik in the stage=20
    after Zabel had badly grazed his hadn't and wasn't barely able to ride,=20
    Zabel, with a straight face, chipped in:
    "See, Rolf, that's the difference between us, when you had a broken rib=20
    in the last tour, I didn't care at all."