Zipp 303 firecrest vs. corima 47 ws black vs. roval cl50

Zipp 303 firecrest or Corima 47 Ws black or Roval CL50

  • Zipp 303 firecrest

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  • Corima 47 Ws black

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  • Roval CL50

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Feb 12, 2020
I am waiting for my new Pinarello F12 rim brakes and I am wondering which wheel set will fit it best.
I stopped at Zipp 303 firecrest, Corima 47 Ws Black or Roval CL50.
Till now I had only ride with Mavic wheels. Can you share your experience with Zipp, Corima or Roval?
Which is the best of them?
Thank you very much!
choose what looks good, I will say 303 is best looking for F12.

Anyway the three set has no difference, only looks differently.

Just avoid putting a pair of Roval on anything else than S-works or specialized bike just cause that don't look match.