Zipp 404 vs Shimano 7850-50


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Nov 10, 2007
Hi, I am going to be buying a new carbon deep section wheelset for my bike and am stuck for choice between two wheelsets. I can get both of them for exactly the same price so that is not an issue. I am deciding between the Zipp 404 wheelset and the Shimano 7850-50 50mm wheelset, both in tubular. Do any of you have experiences with these wheels? The Zipps weigh in at 1250g a pair and the shimanos at 1469. What I would really like to know is if one wheelset is significantly more aero or stiffer. Most of the racing I do is on flat rolling courses. What wheelset would I be best to get?
There's some aero data here:

Three of the 50mm-deep Shimanos tested about 3 watts less aero than some 2007 404s (for one wheel), which is obviously not much.

I've only had one very quick ride on some 404s, so I can't make a judgement. This might sound baseless, but I'd go for the 404s, just because they've proven themselves over a long time, and the 'word' at our races is that they're the 'fastest'. :) The consensus around here is that they are 'the schmiz'.

I've asked lots of guys if their (other) wheels are noticeably faster, and they usually say stuff like: "ah yeah, kinda", but the guys with Zipps usually say things like: "oh yeah, there are FAST"