Zwift racing and training


May 17, 2006
I thought I would start this threat for any folks who are racing on Zwift or doing fun training rides, and because I am way off topic on a thread with Campy Bob on a thread about tubulars. In any event, here's a race I did this week on Zwift:
This is how the results are posted:

As you can see, there is a lot of good data that can be mined, and tactics are still very important. (In that race, I was working way to hard compared to folks who finished ahead of me; and they suggest I upgrade, which seems premature since its not exactly I am outracing my peers yet. But I was pretty happy that I was able to generate 280W for 20 minutes and bang close to 270 for almost an hour. My set up is a PT G3 hub and fluid trainer. My laptop with the Zwift dongle pulls the power readings right off the hub.

In any event, comments/suggestions/rants/insults welcome. I also like this because I am very interested in real data and would be happy to share some of my own. I'm 50 and basically my real racing is pretty much limited to the fall cyclocross season and some group rides with a let go towards the last few miles or shows. If my performance improves significantly, I might ride some crits this spring.

If there is any interest, we should pick a race and see if anybody is interested in logging on and sharing stats
More data:
This was very hard for some reason. Harder in fact than the earlier race where I generated higher numbers. Maybe too close together this time of year. I still am a crappy virtual racer tactically. As you can see, I'm still working too hard and need to do more drafting. I am too lousy a racer to upgrade to Category B. My problem is that I am steady as a metronome in terms of averages but have a hard time going when the pack steps down the pedal. In the next few weeks, am going to switch from pure base building to some shorter harder intervals.