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    Hey Jan, I am celebrating. Health Canada is now being sued for blocking EMPowerplus which was
    proving to help people get better.

    Subject: A Historic Day - A model for change in Health Freedom Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 07:45:16 -0600

    Oct 22, 2003 will go down in the annals of world history. The day that Canada spoke out and alerted
    history forever...

    Yesterday Bill C-420 (A bill to amend the Canadian Food and Drugs Act) was voted on in the House of
    Commons. Voting the controversial bill through were 124 Members of Parliament to the opposing side
    of 85.The bill was fostered and promoted by Dr. James Lunney (Nanaimo-Alberni). Dr. Lunney has
    worked tirelessly to move the bill through the house, even under great opposition. He has proved
    that one courageous man can make a difference affecting the whole world. I believe in the end Canada
    will be seen as a benchmark in the world of Health Freedom.

    The parliamentarians carried the bill saying:
    1) That dietary supplements, botanicals, herbs, and other natural health products are not drugs, but
    rather are foods.
    2) That the Sec 3(1) and 3(2) and Schedule "A" are to be repealed. These sections prohibit claims
    from being made on dietary supplements and the like.

    Many of the Members of the House voted across party lines to carry the bill. A historic act itself
    because while many nations are moving under pharma pressure to restrict the use of dietary
    supplements and herbs, Canada is moving in the opposite direction. The regulator in Canada (Health
    Canada) has resisted change and is now under extreme pressure because of multiple law suits that
    have been filed against it and some of its employees. These law suits challenge Health Canada's
    draconian actions.

    Support for the bill was provided by a number of groups, the Red Umbrellas being one.
    http://www.redumbrellas.ca This is a group of individual ladies that had been previously diagnosed
    with depression, bipolar or some other mental disorder but have overcome their disorders through the
    use of a dietary supplement called EMPowerplus. www.truehope.com They have been ignored by Health
    Canada and by the minister of health anne mclellan Health Canada has attempted to block the
    importation of EMPowerplus and has interfered with valuable research which was taking place at the
    University of Calgary with patients suffering from bipolar disorder. Many of the voting M.P.s were
    seen to be wearing Red Umbrella pins at the time of the house vote.

    Providing support to the bill as well were the Friends of Freedom www.friendsoffreedom.org . To date
    over 100,000 petition names were delivered to parliament to protest the actions of Health Canada and
    support the Foods are not Drugs movement.

    This is only the beginning of a new day in Canada. More support is needed to build a movement that
    the whole world will look to. Many thanks to Dr. James Lunney and others who gave their support.

    Regards, Anthony Stephan Truehope

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    In article <[email protected]>,
    Dave <[email protected]> wrote:
    >Hey Jan, I am celebrating. Health Canada is now being sued for blocking EMPowerplus which was
    >proving to help people get better.

    It's been proving to help the people who sell it get better bank balances. It hasn't proved to do
    anything else. Much like ginseng, only ginseng actually has had some positive clinical trials, at
    least if you get the stuff without the pesticides.

    As Terry Polevoy's posting today mentioned, the bill is just something the sponsor is bragging about
    -- but it isn't likely to be enacted. And the sponsor has a financial interest in Empower, if I
    recall correctly. How selfless of him to try to get it legalized.

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