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Apollo LSX 1.3 ???????

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Hi Guys!
Does anybody know if the Apollo LSX 1.3 is a good quality bike? I'm from Melbourne and a shop down there is doing them for $499.00 reduced from $899.00.
I only took it for a little ride out the back of the store and it felt pretty good, but i am no expert.
The parts on it seem all good quality, like 'Rock Shox' 'Shimano disc bracks' 'shimano alivio gears' 'Tekton 7005 heat treated alloy frame'.
So yeah anybodys opinon on this bike or the brand alone would be great!!

p.s I will be mostly riding it on a sealed road and the occasional off-road.

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With the gear you did mention the odd trail and road work should be fine. Have you looked at other brands in the same price range? This time of year 499$ should go further in most bike shops.

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