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Re: RBR regular on navigating the ship of state (was Re: Mission accomplished)

Curtis L. Russell wrote:
> On 17 May 2006 14:07:36 -0700, "Bill C" <>
> wrote:
> >Sounds like you might be qualified for the greatest job ever suggested.
> >Robert Heinlein created the "Encyclopedic Synthesist" who's job would
> >be to stay current with the latest research and suggest, across fields,
> >things that might be useful and missed by specialists.

> You evidently have missed the keynote lectures by technical futurists,
> who try to do that kind of thing. The trick is to be specific enough
> to actually help it happen.
> My impression is their patron saint is Steve Jobs. Or maybe they just
> hope he'll givethem money.
> Curtis L. Russell
> Odenton, MD (USA)
> Just someone on two wheels...

Thanks Curtis
I did miss it. I'll have to go do some looking.
Bill C