1. rodsgal

    Spd cleat position- help!

    I’m new to cycling- I have found that I love indoor spin. I bought a pair of shoes and will be wearing them to class for the first time this week. I am installing the cleats but I’m confused! The metal holes where the cleats will be screwed into are not even. On the left shoe they are...
  2. J

    Need help with foot numbness!!!

    Hey guys!!! And gals!!! New here. Started riding last year. My left foot is constantly going numb. After about 5-10 miles I start getting pins and needles. Switched to clipless pedals just now, rode a 10 mile short ride today and got it still. I was riding on flats last year, and it didn’t...
  3. dcslim

    Anyone wearing lakes with speedplay soles?

    Is anyone wearing a pair of Lakes with the Speedplay-specific sole? I looked at a pair in a shop today and was struck by how thick the sole seemed under the ball of the foot. I had thought the Speedplay sole would lower my stack height, but the Lake sole seems to be molded in a way that won't...
  4. divinemaredi

    Great foot gear for your cycling pleasure

    Specialized, the cycle-orientated company has created a new breed of foot gear that you really need to know about: The Specialized S-Works Sub 6 shoes...These are designed for super light weight cycling and aero efficient with a sleek look! Make sure to try them out