10 months to a competition, what to do


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Aug 2, 2016
I've schedule only one A category race for next season. It's about 10 months away so I figure I could do Base, Build, Base, Build, Peak, Race. I feel a bit of variety helps with motivation and also boosts fitness better than over-extended base.

According to Friel's guidance for senior athletes (I'm ~50y), the development priorities are in order of importance:
Early Base: Strength, Aerobic threshold, Aerobic capacity
Late Base: Lactate threshold, Aerobic capacity, Aerobic threshold, Strength
Build: Aerobic capacity, Lactate threshold, Aerobic threshold, Strength,
Peak: Aerobic capacity, Strength

Aerobic capacity in early base is a bit odd but I guess it's ok?

Early base week could for instance be: Tu: weights, We: 60min SST, Fr: [email protected]%FTP, Su: 120-200 min Endurance
Late base example: Tu: weights, We: 60min SST, Fr: 90 min SST, Su: 120-200 min Endurance
Build week example: Tu: [email protected], We 60min SST, Fr [email protected], Sa: [email protected], Su: 120-200 min Endurance

Don't get stuck with weight training. I've already noticed that in my age it helps with almost everything so it will stay (although I hate it)

During winter most of the training will be indoor. If skiing is an option (hoping for a good winter) then I will adapt. Sunday rides may have higher intensity and shorter duration if done inside. If outside more time on saddle with lower intensity to cool down the brains from trainer riding.

Any comments about the approach?
Just one on the skiing. It is a good intermediate exercise for the legs but don't rely on it as a subsitute for high level aerobic exercise. Generally the duration of a run down the hill is too short. XC skiing is another matter.
That's right. Where I'm from 'skiing' means explicitly XC skiing. Downhill is downhill or alpine skiing.
I'd schedule some much earlier races in March April. Build up to those, race then, rebuild back up to A race.

10 months is a crazy long time to prep for one event. Not to mention putting so many eggs in one basket. With more races (even more A races), you have a lot more possibilities for both success, improvement, and fun.
Thanks. There will be preparing races both long 3+ hour and more intense one hour races. They won't get any priority or tapering so I consider them to be part of the training for the A. No racing before May though.

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