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Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by trek-man, Oct 15, 2005.

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    Apr 10, 2005
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    Greetings all
    About a year ago I broke my right wrist in a rather spectacular way after an eight foot fall. Basically I snapped the ends off both arm bones where they join the wrist and then i dislocated my wrist back up on top off and along my arm. I believe its called a Colles fracture or similar. Anyway after 12 weeks in plaster and months of rehab its functioning to an extent. I have no where near the movement/ flexibilty that i used to have though.
    Now for the bit where im after advise. I was told at the time that there were bone fragments still floating that they wernt going to do anything with. I had no pins or screws as they were able to manipulate it all back into position. Now i have an almost constant sprained wrist feeling and if i bump it from a certain angle it hurts like a mother [email protected]$ker if you know what i mean. Did they do a good enough job on me or did I get the doctor from the Holywood upstairs medical school (high everybody). Mount Isa base hospital isnt exactly world renowed for its orthopeadic surgery.
    Whenever I ride for a decent length of time my wrist hurts for hours afterwards and now that weve been getting a bit of rain and humidity its been giving me no end of gyp.
    Are these just facts of life that have to be put up with after a nasty break. Has anyone out there experienced similar and are there any suplements etc that would help from your experience.
    Yours with a nancy limp wrist

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    Did something almost identical
    (remember those ol' 'play of the day' on WWOS? Baseball gets hit high, fielders running at it, nobody calls 'mine'. collision. hurties)
    ended with knuckles resting against my elbow. Got me some Ti bling tho :rolleyes:

    I kinda went thru the other end of the scale, treatment-wise.
    Had best of everything (well. that's what they claimed...)
    But the difference was the (admittedly boring and persistent) endless physio over the next 12 months (probably longer than needed but i wasnt paying and dating physio after a while, so i 'suffered' for the cause :D)

    Mine still stiffens up a bit if i dont do any exercises occassionally so persist with it. Yours sounds like you may have longer term complications so may be worthwhile going back in and seeing if they can remove 'the bits' or give you some other 'remedy'