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    Access alert in SO CA- Two very important meetings concerning your future rights to your National
    Forest will occur soon. Sierra Club has been list serving lots of support to oppose Mountain Bikers
    and others at these meetings.Now's your chance to stand up and be counted. I have enclosed the
    Sierra Club e-mail and have not changed one word of text.Unfortunately the Warriors Society Vision
    Quest is scheduled for the 8th which will most likely eliminate the possibility of showing up with
    enough needed support. Karl G Subject: "Please do Attend" Forest Service Open House(s)

    Forest Service Open Houses on the Forest Plan Revisions Update There will be two Open Houses that
    primarily concern members of the Santa Ana Mountains Task Force and other groups and individuals who
    are interested in keeping the Santa Ana Mountains WILD. The first Open House will be held on 8 March
    from 10:00am to 2:00pm in San Juan Capistrano at the Community Center at 25925 Camino del Avion. The
    second Open House will be held on 13 March from 5:00-8:30pm in Corona at the Corona Public Library
    at 650 S. Main St. The Forest Service will present six alternative proposals for the Forest Plan
    Revisions Update with maps, diagrams, and both written and oral explanations by Forest Service
    personnel. Each program will start with a short video presentation. The Forest Service then wants
    attendees to write down their comments, either at the meeting or sending in later, outlining what
    you like or dislike about the alternatives. The Sierra Club preferred alternative is number six
    which was largely drawn up by the Center for Biological Diversity with assistance from the Sierra
    Club and other environmental organizations. The emphasis in alternative six is managing, restoring
    and protecting the ecological integrity of the forests. Establishment of new transportation, utility
    or telecommunication corridors would be prohibited. Fire and vegetation management would focus on on
    restoration of natural fire patterns. We can expect that there will a large attendance by off road
    vehicle users, commercial interests, mountain bikers and others who are not interested in keeping
    the Santa Ana Mountains WILD. The Forest Service needs to hear from us via our written comments as
    they examine the alternatives and the comments leading to presentation of their draft Forest Plans
    and the draft environmental impact statement(DEIS), probably in the Fall of 2003. So please take the
    time to attend one of these Open Houses. You do not need to be an expert. Look at the alternatives,
    especially alternative six, and submit your comments. It is very important to attend a meeting in
    order to keep the Santa Ana Mountains WILD. cheers, Paul Carlton, Co-Chair SAMTF

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    No ones alert?
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