Any other MTB advocates?


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Jan 19, 2002
Just wondering if anybody else is part of a MTB advocate groupe.(i.e.IMBA)
I'm an IMBA member and here in Ottawa I'm one of the founding member of this group called "National Capital Mountain Bike Association"(NCMBA)
We organize and do trail maintenance on some of the local trails,we are the voice for the local MTB comunity...
Anybody else does this in their area?
Now thats an awesome idea! When you say 'trail maintenance', what does this include? Do you clear out shrubs growing over the trail etc?
We build the trail from scratch,then we keep it in good shape during the season,build water bars,fill in holes created by erosion...
Then when the fall comes around we cover it with leaves so that it does not get damage over the course of the winter...
Snow and stufff...
Then in the spring we get rid of the leaves,pretty much like a lawn...
But on a bigger scale!!!
If anybody wants to know more about trail maintenance the place (site) to go is www.imba.comtheir site is full of imformation.
For you Aussies(hmmmm,is that spelled right?) they (IMBA) will have a crew in Australia in Feb 2002 they are in your area and you're available,I strongly recommend you attend,they are GREAT TEACHERS!!!
Check them out!!!
BTW,IMBA is International Mountain Bike Association.(for those who don't know) 8)
There's a group in Brisbane called &quot;Gap Creek Trails Alliance&quot; which I'm a member of.<br />We're about to be made volunteer park rangers to to trail maintenance.<br /><br /><br /><br />I build and maintain my own trails in Brisbane with a few other blokes. It's awesome fun. Hard work but worth it.<br /><br />roKeMS ;D