Anyone reading from the UK?



Anyone interested in sharing their ride experiences in the UK?

I am looking for some challenging fast downhills. :eek:

I am also interested in developing some downhills in Cornwall rather than constantly riding boring "sanitized" trails.

Look forward to hearing from you. ;)
Anyone interested in sharing their ride experiences in the UK?  

boring "sanitized" trails.

Hi poldice
We Brits are outnumbered here,especially by the South Africans ;D (does it ever rain in South Africa ?),

I'm not fearless enough for the Mad downhills but I do attempt the local baby slopes.

The Mad slopes are "evil ", anything that requires two people to push the bike up is not for me :D

I know fear :D so downhills are for the reckless days, but boring sanitized trails are excellent for building up the mileage without the hassle of traffic.

By the way I'm from South Wales, it nice to meet you.

I rode Arfan Coed (Excuse the spelling) :-/ in Wales two weeks ago! It was a killer ride!

What's your local ride and have you ever tried any Cornish trails?

There has been a lot of investment in trails down here based on the old mining tramways, I'm sure you would love it ;D

Bye for now 8)

There has been a lot of investment in trails down here based on the old mining tramways, I'm sure you would love it ;D

It sounds flat, so it sounds perfect :D

The local trail is called "The Taff Trail " and its made up of old disused railway routes and the like, being a Sustrans Route it pretty well looked after, and as I said great for putting in the mileage.

I've never been to Cornwall, but Devon is a place that I've spent several holidays in over the last couple of years, but I never took the bike so I never tried any trails.

I've just been reading MBuk and the more I read about Coed-y-Brenin and the like, the more I want to have a look, but my goals for this year are to ride the Taff Trail from start to finish (55 miles- because I live roughly in the middle I've done both halves separately and back home, but never From Brecon to Cardiff). There's also a local High Level Route which sounds promising (it carries a warning so it must be fun ;D)
Check out Stoke on Trent. It has some excellent places to ride and is home to the excellent Sleepless in the Saddle. Its has all differnet terrains, however none to scary there is quite a choice however. Visit my web site at read, enjoy and contribute. Thanks :)
Hey<br /><br />Im from manchester, UK. Im gettin either a Gary Fisher Big Sur Disc or a Specialized Rockhopper Pro Disc for a grand for christmas (no im not spoilt im payin 4 it out my wages :p). I live in Middleton, and there is a few local tracks with drop offs, jumpin across 10 ft rivers and some pretty steep hills where your that far back your balls nearly get caught on ur back wheel. I usually ride 'Tandil Hills country park', where some1's made a good technical trail, only small though, bout 1/4 mile lol.<br /><br />If n e 1 lives in the middleton area or surroundin (ie. rochdale,oldham), give us a shout coz id be more than happy to sort out a group of MTB'ers for a good old weekend trail.<br /><br />MTB Rules 8) , f**k football &gt;:(<br /><br />[email protected]
Hi leachy Welcome to the forum,your a long way from me but it's still nice to hear another Brit's voice.<br /><br />From the last line in your post I see you have your priorities right ;)<br /><br />Welcome again<br /><br />Laz
Haha, thanx laz, its 100% true too. Theres nothin better than racing down hills doin drop offs and then sweatin ur balls off gettin back up the hill to do it again ;D
i live in pretty sick of riding the same old sh*t all the time...need some good new trails...
Whats going on guys, Im a londoner i live near Epping forest, and thats my usual place for biking. But if u want something special id recommend Afan Forest. Its the bomb, i went there late 2004 and me and my mates did the The Wall and then the with the welsh name no idea how to spell it. Next day we did the Skyline, the full 46km. Its a total b*tch, and will totally f*ck you over, but, what an experience the views are literally to die for at times. And there are enormous downhill sections at the end with small drops. Make sure u bring ur camelbacks we run out and had to fill up at a steam, and u'll need plenty of food. But its awesome much recommended!!. Hope that helped
Hi guys, I'm from Oldham, Manchester. Got my new bike 2day and I love it! Its a Boss Reflex and can kick A$$! And straight from da shop, I got da train to the Airport and rode around to this area where you can get close ot the aircraft. But not before getting up the huge hill which was smooth grass, but still steep!
Then one the last parts of my way home, I rode down this huge hill called Hartshead Pike and didnt half pick up some speed! I did Mossley to Hathershaw in 30 mins, and I was happy.

So overall a good day out on me bike! But I am knackerd now.