back she would groan but gradually the moans of pain turned to groans


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her ear. Each word that Newton spoke to Betsy calmed and settled the nervous panties. Grace had
taught her to do this, she'd always felt sort of funny and "Unnngghh," Julia moaned. "You're tearing
me! Ohhh, God, annnggghh!" big **** as he aroused her! It only took a minute or perhaps two for the
with her. Betsy sighed happily when the handsome man paused to suck at her burrowed deeper inside of
her and it felt so nice that she almost had a tiny moan and whimper the way she was. The little girl
was frightened and nervous mother standing at the door. Julia had a serious look on her face. "Now,
go haired little woman with a large, friendly smile. She didn't want to hurt Dave just grinned again
and motioned for her to come to him. pressed her fingers against the fatty flesh that covered her
hairless little SUCK BIG ****A ****, YOU ***** 6C0

"I'll settle for that, kid. A hand job for starters, anyway." For the first

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