BARBARA WEAVER - Macon Northside Hospital (ICU) Head Nurse

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  1. I am trying to reach BARBARA WEAVER (husband's name is CRAIG) who
    worked as head nurse of the ICU at Macon Northside Hospital during
    2001-2002. Does this hospital have a new coprporate identity since I
    last visited MNH?

    I am hoping anyone who may work with or knows Barbara and/or her
    husband, Craig, could ask her to please contact Jeffrey Paul Rose
    regarding Ericka Ashley Visconte at the contacts in the website below.
    It is important enough to have to utilize U S E N E T to try to reach

    Thank you!

    Sincerely submitted,

    Jeffrey Paul Rose
    Lewisville TX (NW metro-Dallas)

    [A copy of earlier posts follow:]

    Macon Northside Hospital

    ATTN: Barbara Weaver (ICU)

    400 Charter Box 4627
    Macon GA 31210

    Please contact - Ericka Ashley Visconte - who worked as a Mercer
    University student volunteer in the ICU you managed in 2001-2002 at
    Macon Northside Hospital via: [check the links, plz]

    E r i c k a , as you remember is an extremely-natural-blonde, blue
    5'10", very thin, student who was at Mercer University until
    transferred to Georgetown University (GUROP) in the Spring of 2002. I
    spoke with Chief Gary Collins of the Mercer University Police
    Department on 18 January 2002 when he confirmed E r i c k a 's
    presence as a "Code A" and an "AP" student (as was her roommate there,
    Tara.) We had been doing fine in our relationship after that was
    smoothed out until 11 March 2003 when E r i c k a 's mother
    "excommunicated" us for fear our relationship would jeopardize her
    chances of gaining a "ruling majority" to become Princess of Romania
    (among other things.) [Ericka called from a Spanish-speaking country
    on 7 May 2003 - last chance we had to communicate. A partial *.wav
    file of her call/voice is on the website.]

    I have gone wide-open in trying to declare my faithfulness and ther
    inhumanity of the way E r i c k a and I are being treated. The
    creation of the above website is simply a "love note" to E r i c k a
    and the world that this love is very TRUE !

    Her father, Nick Visconte , who called you at your home that
    January 2002, should not cause you alarm due to this message via
    USENET. I have repeatedly tried to contact Mr. Nick V i s c o n t e
    since Christmas 2001 before I both flew to New York New Year's Eve
    2001, the visit to Mercer University January 2002 and a trip to
    Washington, D.C. to Georgetown University on 9 June 2002 and he has
    NOT responded. It was not long after that last visit that E r i c k a
    was moved to Romania ...

    E r i c k a ' s half-sister Barbara, who lives near Robins AFB, has
    not been supportive, either. Her half-brother Christopher is
    compassionate but the parents are emphatic regarding our not ever even
    having the chance of a supervised face-to-face visit. *Keep us in your
    prayers, Barbara!*



    Please try to contact me via our website links at:

    I can get you caught up on what has happened this past year. Ericka
    may be back in school abroad, though I am not sure if she will be
    permitted to continue to pursue medicine. I think you remember
    Ericka's passion to be a Pediatric Caridothoracic Surgeon? She is so
    very intelligent and gifted to excel in this beyond all her
    peers-to-be (remember her small-boned hands - size 4 ring finger?
    Perfect for surgery!) but her current situation and security issues
    have convinced her father, Nick, to not pursue this vocation. However,
    Ericka's faith and determination may change her Daddy's heart in time
    .... just how can any father who claims to love his daughter (ONLY
    child to Ericka's mother) so crush his daughter's heart's desire?
    Forever? I don't think so, yet my heart cries out to know she is safe.

    Trying to trust in our Heavenly Father, but such a love for such a
    priceless soul as Ericka is difficult to completely abandon to God's
    complete deliverence and glory. I *am* trying! (Remember the tears in
    Macon? They continue but with greater faith and a greater appreciation
    for God and Ericka!)

    Sincerely in Christ Jesus,

    Jeffrey Paul Rose