Barnetts Repair Manual

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    In almost new condition. Used only a few times, never dropped! This is the 5th edition of the best bicycle repair manual ever written. Although published a few years ago it's not out of date because Barnetts is more about understanding how to repair bikes than it is about just a specific bike or part. You can get specifics on a particular component from the manufacturer's website, Barnetts gives you the knowledge you need to understand what the component does and how to diagnose and fix problems. It is currently selling used on Amazon for between $153 - $500. The current version of this manual is on CD only and repairing bikes from a computer is a PITA. The page or illustration you need is never the one you printed out and getting grease all over your keyboard probably ain't all that great an idea either. The current CD only version sells for $140, I'll sell this hard copy 4 volume set in almost new condition for $95.