Belgian Fed's Have Some Cabbage

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Jerry, Jan 29, 2004.

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    Man, the Belgian Fed can toss out what would be a very nice annual budget for the entire USAC Cross
    effort. And people complain that the Belgians are too good. They deserve to be if they are this
    committed on a national level.

    Also, funny that they can be so on top of everything else, but then try to make Bart and Sven effing
    ROOMIES! WTF. That is something our Fed would do. Now Wellens will be with Vervecken, his TEAMMATE.
    Hello. Then again, they are no "teams" at this level of cross.

    You would think the riders would just poney up the hundred bucks a night for their own rooms! Its
    not like any of them cannot afford it. Probably some silly Fed rule again.


    from (full link wraps)

    Belgian federation hand out 22.000 euro. If a Belgian rider becomes world champion in the elite race
    on Sunday, he will receive a 15.000 euro reward for his performance. The runner up spot is good for
    5.000 euro while the bronze medal is worth a 2.000 euro bonus. Most of the time, the riders all
    agree to split the total amount of money among all team members.

    The contributions: Elite: gold 15.000, silver 5.000, bronze 2000 euro
    U23 : gold 2.500, silver 1.000, bronze 500 euro Juniors: gold 1.250, silver 750, bronze 500 euro
    Woman: idem as juniors.

    Tom Vannoppen looks at the race from Brussels. As already known, Tom Vannoppen is not riding in the
    World Champions race. He will be a guest in the live coverage show on national television among with
    former national coach Eric De Vlaeminck

    Belgian hotel rooms are switched over Compared to last year, the occupation of the hotel rooms has
    changed a bit. On Sven Nys demand, he is no longer sharing the room with Bart Wellens. Ben Berden is
    room mate of Mario De Clercq. Bart Wellens shares his room now with his team mate and outsider Erwin

    All races live on Belgian television. The four races in Pont-Ch√Ęteau will be broadcasted live on
    national television. It all starts with the juniors race on Saturday at 11 am while the U-23 race is
    sheduled at 3 pm. Former world champion Paul Herijgers will take care of the co-commantery. On
    Sunday, the woman race can be seen at 11 am. Before the start of the elite race at 3 pm, there will
    be a nice preview to the race at
    2.30 pm. We're curious if the viewers record of the national championship of 2004 can be broken.

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