Best Gear for me to ride in needs constant attention


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May 31, 2005
I have a Litespeed with 13-23 9 sp cassette on the rear and triple crank set in the front. The middle ring has 42 teeth.

Problem: One of the best all around gears, for me is middle ring in the front and smallest ring in the back.

It is not only just a good gear...but, since I downshift more that shift makes changing gears simple.

However, I need to have a mechanic adjust it 4-6 times a season. Sometimes a turn of the barrel will do it, but not always. -- It tends to rub after a while.

I am considering the option of moving that 13 tooth gear up higher and putting two smaller gears -- which I just would not use at the bottom.

Alternatively I could replace the who thing with a compact set, but that would be rather expensive.

Could anyone offer any input on my thoughts, or ideas of your own?