Bike Trails Unsafe?

Well sounds like a scene from a horror movie. Generally though, bike trails should be safe. Of course once in awhile people will try to rob you but I think they now realize that riders don't normally travel with valuables.
That's true, I don't ride my bike with nothing but the essential, for the simple reason I don't need the added weight. On the other hand, what's more valuable when I ride it's the bike itself.
Trails are pretty safe where I live. There are not many people around after 6pm, and it can make a biker or a passanger an easy target because rarely anyone would see if some would get kidnapped, but still nothing similar has ever happend here in my town. However, at some points there is no trail for bikes or for passangers, for that matter, so it can be dangerous, because often people get hit by a car.
This isn't unheard of where I live, but it really depends on where you go.

There are certain trails and bike paths that run through less savory areas of town that are generally not the safest, but in those cases it's really the whole neighborhood . The bike paths just happen to be isolated and lonely so it's easier for potential crimes to take place.

Situational awareness is definitely important, but unfortunately sometimes you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Personally I try to stick to paths that are well traveled and close to well populated areas so at least if something happens there's more likely to be someone nearby to help.
It's pretty sad how some areas are getting overrun with unsavoury peoples who just will not leave you alone.

There are some trails near my old town that were nice to ride along but I've heard in recent years that they have been overtaken by the local hard guys who claim it as "their turf" and attacking anyone who happens to travel it, ironically when the numbers are in their favour... Mind you the place was already getting a little bad at the time I left town so I guess I could see it coming.
I think you should heed the advice from people in your community. Bike trails tend to be in secluded areas and anything can happen there. My town is fairly safe too, at least during the day. But I avoid night rides and riding in secluded areas as people have gone missing or had something unfortunate happen to them.
We actually have a really nice trail. 30 miles one way 60 roundtrip. Pretty populated with cyclists so you are hardly ever isolated. Plus whenever I ride with my wife and a couple of friends, we usually end up having 3 or 4 guys hop on the back of our line so we have plenty to deter any bad guys from kidnapping my women. :D

But with any good thing comes the bad. There is a one mile section or so where Hispanic gang bangers have knocked a lone cyclist down and robbed him. Happened maybe 3 times within a month or so about 3 years ago. Bad guys were caught and jailed so haven't had any of that type of trouble lately other than taggers.

True story! I was riding with my wife and Aimee (in the pic) one day while approaching gangland. An Angelo ride ahead of us slowed down and asked, "do you mind if I ride with you? You're Hispanic and I don't think they would mess with you!". :eek:........:D:p

Seems like even the local park is getting to be a little unsafe these days. A young kid was beat up and had his bike stolen from him a couple days after Christmas. It might be an isolated incident but still, it's not at all nice. Hope the lad got his bike back.
You might think that all cycling advocates would support bicycle lanes. You'd be wrong. Some cyclists oppose bike lanes on the grounds that they protect only from rear-end collisions (which are rare), and increase the likelihood of collisions at intersections (which are more common). The research data is a bit conflicting. Here at Bicycle Universe we generally support bicycle lanes because:
  1. They make cycling feel safer. The surveys always show that #1 reason why people say they don't bike is because they feel it's too dangerous, and the #1 thing that would make them feel safer is more bike lanes.
  2. Even if bike lanes don't help, it's unlikely that they hurt. Some research shows that streets with and without bike lanes are about the same risk for cyclists. In that case, there's no harm in installing the lanes, especially if they encourage more people to bike.
  3. Bike lanes mean more cyclists. Cities that install bike lanes see an increase in the number of cyclists.
  4. Bike lanes keep cyclists off sideswalks. Riding on the sidewalk drops when bike lanes are available. Riding on the sidewalk is dangerous to pedestrians, and actually dangerous even to cyclists because they're vulnerable to getting hit by turning cars when coming off the sidewalk to cross the street.
  5. Other countries have them. Other countries with higher rates of cycling (and lower rates of cyclist injuries) employ bike lanes.
It does come to something though, when cyclists can't even go for a ride without having to stay clear of certain areas for fear of being targeted.

I know that it's a sad sign of the times and nobody is safe, but I mean come on...
I was riding through a rural area populated with gang bangers. Several darted out in front of me, intent on taking me down. I was already running 25 so it was easy to dodge those idiots. The funny part was that when they ran out, they almost got ran over by a dump truck. Now, that would have been a hoot.:D
I don't find bike trails dangerous at all... It as dangerous as walking on the street. Unless it is located in some dangerous neighborhood or something. On top of that you're on a bike so you're going fast.
That dog actually seems totally old and harmless, but riding short distances with a dog could be a good company.
Murder on the Bike Path
Illegal immigrant pleads guilty to avoid death penalty
Monday, March 14th 2016, 10:53 am EDTMonday, March 14th 2016, 11:08 am EDT
Posted by Cleveland 19 Digital Team

Suspect Juan Emmanuel Razo is in custody and due in court. (Source: Lake County Sheriff's Office)MetroParks Chief Ranger Daniel Llewellyn explains the multiple crime scenes on a map. (Source: WOIO)A close up of the crime scene map. (Source: Lake County Sheriff's Office)Lake County Sheriff Dan Dunlap would not expand on the legal status of the suspect during the press conference. (Source: WOIO)Willoughby Mayor David Anderson speaks highly of victim Margaret Kostelnik, who worked in his office as an assistant. (Source: WOIO)

Juan Emmanuel Razo, the man accused of killing one woman and shooting another in the Lake Metroparks, pleaded guilty to several charges to avoid the death penalty.

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    • $10 million bond set for shooting suspect
      $10 million bond set for shooting suspect

      Updated: Tuesday, July 28 2015 3:38 PM EDT2015-07-28 19:38:14 GMTJul 28, 2015 3:38 PM EDTJul 28, 2015 3:38 PM EDT
      Local authorities held a joint news conference on Tuesday morning to release more information on a bizarre crime spree that happened Monday.More
      Local authorities held a joint news conference on Tuesday morning to release more information on a bizarre crime spree that happened Monday.More
The illegal immigrant went on a crime spree in Lake County last July.

It all started when Lake Metroparks rangers responded to a call of an attempted rape of a 14-year-old girl by her uncle at Helen Wyman Park in Concord. She escaped him and ran to a nearby veterinarian's office.

The search began for Razo. During this time he shot a mother walking with her two 12-year-olds on the Lake Metroparks Greenway bike path in Concord Township.

The shooting victim was identified as a 40-year-old Painesville woman. She had been transported to TriPoint Hospital for the treatment of a gunshot wound to the left arm that was not life-threatening. The children with her at the time of the incident were unharmed.

Razo also shot and killed Margaret Kostelnik. The 60-year-old woman sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

She was found by her husband in their home in the 6200 block of Ravenna Road.

Police caught up with the suspect about six hours later. They say he pointed a gun at them. Deputies returned fire and the suspect took cover behind a large rock area. When ordered to surrender, the suspect complied.

Sentencing for Razo is set for April 27.
Around my town there are a lot of new tracks being built.

But they are so often rushed with finishing the construction that there are a lot of things like bricks and wires and stuff left on the track, sometimes even for months and once they are cleaned it's because someone took pity on the cyclists and helped them a little.

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