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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Danny Colyer, Aug 11, 2003.

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    In another thread, IanB wrote:
    > I hope to sort this out when I come back after the Birthday Rides (but have not seen any posts
    > about this), see some of you there?

    I was there (red Street Machine towing a blue and red Little Van trailer). I'm not aware that I met
    anyone else from urc, but I may have done so without realising it.

    We were camped at Moreton. The Warmwell campsite was fully booked by March and we didn't want to
    stay in a lodge. By midweek just about everyone at the Moreton site seemed to know Jenny, who
    thoroughly enjoyed herself and was always ready with a smile and a giggle.

    Usually Jenny's trailer stays folded up in my workshop when we're not using it. Last week it stayed
    ready to use, and Jenny very soon got into the habit of climbing into it and trying to strap herself
    in. Which was satisfying, to see that she likes being in the trailer.

    We did 2 1/2 family rides. My Mum and her husband joined us for the Sunday ride, and she felt that
    28 miles was too far, so we just did the first loop with a long stop at The Seven Stars on the way
    back. We also did the family rides on Tuesday and Friday. I was allowed out on my own on Wednesday
    to do the moderate Sherborne ride. I was particularly impressed that it seemed to have more
    downhills than up.

    Rather pathetically, that 60 mile ride was the longest ride I've done in the last 5 years and the
    last 5 miles or so were hard work in that heat. I was hoping to find some really good descents so I
    could test how fast the SMGT will go, but most were too twisty to get much speed up. I clocked
    37.8mph on one descent (without pedalling), and I could probably have got a few more mph out of it
    if I'd trusted the road surface at the top.

    Road surfaces were one thing I didn't enjoy. A lot of the roads had high grip, energy sapping
    surfaces, notably the A352 :-(

    We visited some great pubs, most serving at least 2 Badger beers and good food. I had the chance to
    ride a trike (upright, but still great fun) and I saw 6 other bents (3 Trices, an Orbit Crystal, a
    homebuilt with a homebuilt bent trailerbike and a third bike that I didn't get a good look at). All
    in all a great week. And to top it off, conditions this morning seemed perfect to try for a new PB
    on my morning commute. I tried and I succeeded, clocking an average speed of 17.0 mph.

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