Bontrager Oracle


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Aug 7, 2009
This helmet is really nice! If anyone is looking for a new helmet, I would say that the Bontrager Oracle is worth consideration. I just picked mine up today.

It's got a carbon fiber frame, about 3qtr of a pound in weight and the adjustment dial on the back is pure class!

The vents look really 'thought out' and looks like it will do really well in the hotter months. I'll post back as the temps rise out by me.
Figured I'd update this thread.

The aerodynamic properties of this helmet are very good. I've done a few outdoor rides now and since it's been about 30 degrees out I can feel the cold air hitting my body once my body temperature heats up. When in the drops I can literally feel the air enter the helmet, go over my head, and exit the back of the helmet and traveling down my back. It's pretty awesome.

Highly recommended.

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