Calling all Editors! CX Magazine is hiring!

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    [SIZE=11.0pt]Take pride in crafting a good story and can polish someone else’s like nobody’s business? Know the difference between an en dash, em dash and a dash for the line? Does AP Style and Anchor Tags mean more to you than fashion advice?[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11.0pt]If you answered yes to the above questions and would be psyched to have a major role in shaping, editing and publishing the content for Cyclocross Magazine’s online and print content, we want to talk dirty with you.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11.0pt]We’re looking to add a talented full-time (or perhaps, part-time) editor to help plan, coordinate and publish our online and print content. The ideal candidate would not overuse bullet points but instead turn the following into something more fun and eloquent:[/SIZE]

    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Excellent writing, editing and communication skills[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Commitment and dedication to the cause even at the expense of a podium or Strava KOM[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]A way with words in reporting, interviewing or writing that makes people think and smile[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Some weekend and off-hours work (i.e. weekday mid-day riding!)[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Natural self-starter and problem solver[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]BA or BS preferred (ideally with a focus in journalism)[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11.0pt]Highly proficient in:[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Social media[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]HTML[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Project management[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11.0pt]Highly Desirable Skills:[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Wordpress or CMS experience[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]At least 2 – 4 years of related work experience[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Photoshop[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Indesign[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Photography[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Analytics & Excel[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Video editing[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Knows how to true a wheel[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]A downtube-grab dismount with a step-through[/SIZE]

    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Work that informs and brings joy to a vibrant, passionate community[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Getting paid to act like our little niche sport is the most important thing in the world[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]Editor-in-chief responsibility and a paycheck in actual US dollars (or patched inner tubes, your choice)[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]All the tubular glue you can sniff[/SIZE]
    • [SIZE=11.0pt]A free trip to Madison and Louisville (we choose the dates and buy the Red Bull)[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=11.0pt]If that sounds like way more fun than your current daily grind then please send a resume, cover letter and writing sample to jobs [at] Alternatively, feel free to email me directly or message me here if you have any questions. Thank you! [/SIZE]

    Additional job opportunities can be found here:

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