Camelbak issues!!!


New Member
Oct 30, 2002
Well i've got to say i'm a little annoyed, a couple of years ago i bought a camelbak and then this year the O ring that seals the filler cap broke.

So i though i'd just pop into the local bike store and pick up a spare.

No luck in the bike stores so i phoned the distributor, apparently the old bladders aren't supported anymore and all they could offer was to sell me a whole new bladder @$50

So i tried 2 car stores, 2 plumbing supplies, the workshop where i work and FINALLY got the part i needed from a bearing company

My major grumble is that camelbak wouldn't support a product only a year or two after they stopped making them and couldn't even tell me what size the O ring was.
They sound like fools, even computer/software companies arn't that bad.

Whats their web addy?

I won't buy their products any more. I deal with Ultimate. When I had a problem they sent me new item no charge. They answer the phone and ship item quickly. Camelbak has got to big for their own good.