Chain Cleaning Joy


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May 3, 2015
My pedaling did feel smoother this morning, as I used my bike after its very first chain cleaning. I felt an increase in strength as a rider, too: I fancy I was able to keep up my pedaling cadence for a longer period today, on the way to my day job. I don't have the sort of stamina that can do mountains or even gentle rolling hills. Not yet. But I feel myself getting stronger.

I've been walking around in shorts at the day job -- regular shorts that I change into and think suitable for trendy if aging software developers. One of the ladies complimented my legs today. Now that gave me a nice feeling! Especially since she is very beautiful.

Lesson learned: clean my driveline a lot more often, and increase miles of riding per day. Shop for shorter shorts.

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Sorry mate I just have to post this ... :D
I like that line about shopping for shorter shorts, waheehee. You know, some lady bikers here who I usually see on Sunday mornings wear that thing called V-shorts. It is the shorts that is very short, reason for people to stare at them. It's good if they have something good to show but most wearers of the v-shorts have thick legs and some with scars or scabbies, huh. It was fun if I could take their photos but I just couldn't, hahahaaa.
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My legs are getting larger. Maybe it is just my wishful thinking that says that. I hope my legs are becoming stronger. It is a slow process. I tell people at my day job that I am not yet strong enough to put a full set of business attire in my saddlebags and bicycle that much weight to the office. I am not sure how many people believe me. I do like showing my legs off even if they are hairy. I'm the only developer who wears shorts to work in that building.