Cherry Tarts - no sugar added

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    I was in the mood to experiment so I made these for DH's poker party the
    other night. They got rave reviews! Unfortunately, there isn't really
    a recipe but I will describe what I did. I made my favourite pie dough
    and cut into rounds to fit my silicone muffin pan wells. I purposely
    left the crust higher (1/4 - 1/2 in) and uneven around the top. The
    reason for this was to provide a spot for the topping. I used home
    canned sour cherries and the liquid with no sugar. I stirred in Clear
    Jel (high cook kind for canning) into the cherries and cooked long
    enough for the liquid to thicken. Then I stirred in about 1 tbsp cherry
    whiskey to deepen the flavour. I did this while hot to help the alcohol
    evapourate. The tarts were baked at 425 F until the crust was golden
    brown. The rest of the alcohol should have burned off during this time.
    While the tarts were cooking, I whipped heavy whipping cream. I added
    a tbsp of cherry whiskey to tint and add a wee hint of flavour to the
    whipped cream. Note, the tbsp was for the entire sm container of
    whipped cream; I used about 1/4 of the resulting whipped cream for the
    tarts. The result was a very pale pink whipped cream topping. About
    one generous tsp of the topping was dropped into the centre of each
    cooled tart leaving a rustic looking crust and rim of cherry filling.

    Notes: No sweeteners including white sugar were added. A low fat
    non-dairy whipped cream could take the place of real whipped cream for
    those concerned over fat content. I only use real whipped cream but in
    small amounts. A low fat pastry dough could be used. I figure the
    pastry of one tart can't have that much fat, if you only eat one :) For
    those who don't want to use alcohol, I would use a little almond
    flavouring for the cherry filling as well as a little red food colouring
    in the whipped cream or simply leave the whipped cream white.