Chump wheels and media censorship

Christiano Tuti

New Member
May 12, 2020
Yet another incident of factual statements about a particular UK/Chinese wheel brand being censored by the usually independent American bikerumor website. As an engineer working within the cycling industry and specializing in wheel technology for over a decade I have detailed insight about the history and background of CHUMP wheels (aka Hunt). It's what's commonly referred to as a smoke-and-mirrors brand. Owned almost entirely by the Chinese pillar spoke family with only a marketing office and storage warehouse in the UK. Within industry circles it's widely acknowledged they have little to no design or manufacturing experience - The one junior 'aerodynamicist' they heavily promote was fired for gross incompetence (or worse) from her two previous jobs. The only rim projects she's had any part in developing have all been total and utter failures resulting in dangerous wheel recalls every time.
If I'm incorrect, inaccurate or just plain wrong let someone from CHUMP respond and give the paying public an explanation. Censorship is the last resort of the corrupt and scared.
I could go on as the company structure is all widely known within industry circles. But my main point is "Why are the mainstream media covering this all up?" Profit I hear you respond - This bogus brand spends a lot of money with their amateurish marketing rubbish.
Anyone else been prevented from providing the public with accurate information like this before?
Take any "reporting" from such websites as purely paid advertising on behalf of the product brand.
Yes, I understand you. But it seems to me that in order to avoid such problems, you need to develop your business, your direction. Give as much information as possible to customers from yourself, and not from outsiders. I recently applied telemarketing call center in my business, you know, it helped a lot. A good advertisement followed by real customers. Maybe you can try.