Competition to win free flights to competitions / training etc


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Aug 5, 2009
Hi Everyone,
I’d like to flag up a bursary scheme that some of you may be interested in.
I’m working alongside British Airways on the Great Britons scheme which has been set up as part of their sponsorship of London 2012. The scheme aims to support emerging British talent in Sports (alongside five other categories) and will look for individuals who demonstrate the values associated with the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
The scheme runs on a 2 month cycle and eventual winners will be given the opportunity to fly to a BA destination of their choice in order to help them grow their talent.

The next search for future Great Britons has just begun, so if a flight could help your talent develop, you can now apply to travel anywhere in the world where British Airways flies. Applying is easy: just visit for more details.
Ask away if you’d like any more details – it would be great to see some of you apply.