CPS to encourage tougher driving offence charges

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Chris French

Just read a little news snippet in the latest CTC rag.

Apparently the CPS discovered in a report last December what we've all known - in cases of deaths
caused by drivers that prosecutors often bring more minor charges (such as careless driving) which
tends not to get a custodial sentence (or a lesser custodial sentence), where a higher custodial
sentence is warranted, and CDBDD might be a better charge.

Also it showed that Juries were more likely to convict on more serious charges than previously
thought. The DPP is to issue guidance encouraging prosecutors to bring tougher charges.

IMO, To effect real change then the Government needs to take action in Parliament, but every
little helps.

The CPS press release is at:


A PDF of the 'Executive Summary' of the report is at:


The full report:


Chris French, Leeds
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