Crossing the Alps from Luzern (Switzerland) to Milano (Italy)


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Jun 14, 2011
I'm new to long- distance tours but my friend and I are planning our route from London to Venice.

I got a bit stuck when it came to crossing the alps. We really want to avoid tunnels infact I was told you're not allowed in them anyway. Could anyone suggest a good cycling route for this leg of the journey?

We are planning on doing 50 miles or less per day for this part of the journey!

Many thanks
Hannah /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
FWIW. I think you can follow one of the many Bronze Age, Roman, or Medieval trade routes ...

If you don't have to go through Milan, then I think you may want to head into Austria & then follow an historical trade route from Salzberg into Venice via Innsbruck & the Brenner Pass ([COLOR= #808080]to name one of many North-South routes[/COLOR]) ...

I think there was a North-South trade route through Torino ([COLOR= #808080]Turin[/COLOR]) ...

  • AFAIK, Hannibal crossed the Alps somewhere to the North of Torino.