custom coker UK



does anyone know where i can get a custom (1 with all those twiddly
bits) coker in the u,k, the only thing that does is the
replacement rim for 90 quid,

or is it an american thing?


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The custom Cokers are put together from parts from many sources by their
owners. The only one stop shopping there is for a custom Coker is to go
through U-Turn (Dave Stockton, maker of the strongest Coker wheel in the
world) and have him build it up for you. He does the legwork to get all
the necessary parts and then puts the unicycle together.

Joe Rowing does custom frames and I've seen a picture of a custom Coker
frame he built. He's in the UK. If you're looking for a custom frame
or some twiddly bits he should be able to do it. His web page is/was at but seems to be in a bit of limbo at the

This forum being English speaking primarily focuses on unicycles made by
people in the US, UK, AUS, and NZ. We're mostly ignorant of custom
unicycles made elsewhere. There are very likely some fancy custom
Cokers made by some riders in Germany and other places. We just don't
know of them.

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