Depression, anemia, Crohn's Disease, IBD, irritability to schizophrenia; Parasites ?

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  1. Depression, anemia, Crohn's Disease, IBD, irritability to
    schizophrenia; Parasites ?

    As in the case of Ulcers, and now Crohn's disease, the underlying cause
    was 'bacteria'...and many research books draw the distinction between
    organic schizophrenia and non-organic is 'finding' an organic they drugs, (let us not forget PPA a common ingredient of
    over the counter cold medications until 2000) and or bacteria, ie

    That is the problem.

    Given that Crohn's disease and IBS, diseases that should have easily
    been diagnosed as bacterial in origin have escaped the testing of

    So my suggestion if you are suffering any intestinal problems, this
    may be the causal factor that is contributing to chemical imbalances in
    your body, and in your brain of course...

    The key word is 'parasites' and while there are many pharmaceutical
    drugs, there are also a whole host of effective herbal treatments for

    Do your own research, seek the common herbal treatments, now available
    in many drug stores, and try the treatment....research shows many
    positive results...

    What appears to be the most likely vitamin problem are the B vitamins
    water soluble, with many not being stored in the body, you need a
    daily intake...

    So the treatment consists of

    1. Anti-parasitic herbs ( garlic, ginger, black walnut hulls)

    2. A diet rich in B vitamins (such as liver...or multi-minerals)

    3. Friendly bacteria for the intestinal system, probiotics (ie yogart.)

    4. Stomach enzymes...(ie pineapple)

    5. Don't forget the fibre...very important and very inexpensive.

    Do your own research and check with your medical expert...

    Bottom line you don't have to spend alot, check for simple treatments
    and the basic COMMON ingredients...