Do you want to go to Hawaii?

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  1. Hello Friends,

    Do you dream of being a LIFEGUARD in HAWAII? This is your chance!!!

    We are currently casting for a new television show in which people get
    the opportunity to "test drive" their dream job. We are
    looking for energetic, passionate, interesting individuals interested
    in trying life as a LIFEGUARD in HAWAII for a week.

    Are you sick of being cramped in a cubicle and never seeing the light
    of day? Do you long for a job that challenges both your physical and
    mental abilities?

    If you want to life the life of a LIFEGUARD in HAWAII for a week,
    please contact us immediately. We are casting nationwide, so please
    pass this along to everyone you know!!!

    Send the following information to [email protected]:
    -Current Occupation
    -Phone #'s (day / night / cell ,etc)
    -Email Address
    -Photos (preferably several)
    -A brief paragraph as to why you want to be a LIFEGUARD in HAWAII