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    South Africa has quite a large cycling fraternity, and growing each year. Some of the major races have turnovers of 15 to 20 000 cyclists. This years Cape Argus Cycle Tour (www.cycletour.co.za)(the biggest one day cycle race in SA... checkout the route here guys http://www.cycletour.co.za/content.asp?cId=41 I suggest you read the description of the route, the buzz is incredible! It even has a climb similar to a Cat3 climb in the Tour!!) had more than 30 000 participants! Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys cycling, and these people often become very frustrated having to wait for a bunch of cyclists to pass an intersection before they can continue on their ways.
    This weekend we had another one of our great classic races, the CANSA Lost City Classic. It's a gruelling 103 km race, and usually one of the first big races after the winter, when most guys are not fully fit and prepared for the season. Unfortunately, there was a nasty incident that happened. Here is the story, quoted from a newspaper:

    Motorist dies, at least six cyclists injured in Lost City head-on collision

    Police are investigating the cause of the accident that claimed the life of a motorist and injured at least six cyclists at the Cansa Lost City Classic at the weekend.
    The accident happened about 10km into the 103km route when the motorist hit a cyclist, Wali Crawford, from behind and then smashed head-on into an oncoming vehicle.

    “A hit-and-run car hit me from behind at a speed of over 120km/hour,” said Crawford. “I was lucky to get away with cuts and bruises.

    “Unfortunately the car went on to have a head on collision with an oncoming car, and hit six other cyclists.”

    The driver of the oncoming car escaped with serious injuries. “The case is being investigating and Sun International will make a statement in due course,” said event organiser Johan du Toit, who made a concerted effort for road closure in his event.

    “We can’t release any names yet, but can confirm that one of the drivers was killed. All of the cyclists but one were treated at Sun City and released,” he said.

    The accident has firmly placed the focus back on the organisers of the Pick ‘n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge and their bid to establish road closure.

    Dangerous traffic was a major complaint lodged against the event last year when 15000 cyclists took to the roads between Joburg and Centurion.

    With an estimated 20000 participants in this year’s event it will be nothing short of a nightmare if traffic authorities don’t come to the party and close the roads.

    Can you imaging someone travelling at 120km/h amongst a cycling field of 15 000? I have no words...  :mad:  :mad:

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    ow hit at 120k how fast was the bike going? anyway im surpised he even survived and with a few bruises that guy as a guadian angel and nine lives. sad story
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    At least we have partial road closure for the 94.7 which is good news. They got a lot more last minute entries after it was announced.
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    I did the 69km race at Sun City. When we passed the scene they will still cutting the guy out of the car. really sickening.

    The motorists had no regard for cyclists at this event. I was nearly taken out by an 18 wheeler whilst leading a bunch. The car were driving way to fast for the circumstances and very often we had cyclist swerving like crazy to avoid being hit.

    I'm glad that we have road closure for the 94.7. Last year I was nearly taken out at several intersections because these guys in their airconditioned luxury motor vehicles felt that waiting for a few minutes whilst the pointsmen allowed bikes through was just too much for them.

    Yesterday on a trining ride we had a shouting match with a motorist that thought we should not even be riding in the emergency lane down Swartkoppies road in Alberton.

    Sometime I wish we could just educate these fools.
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    I think the motorists in Jo'burg is the most inconsiderate, impatient non-cyclist in this country. With last year's 94.7, when the road was blocked so that we, the cyclists could eventually pass and complete the race, these ????? would sit and hoot and throw tantrums that you could hear them for miles away because the marshalls had the audasity to stop them at an intersection!!! Maybe they can go and learn a thing or two from the Capetonians. The 94.7 is definitely going to grow to the same size as the Argus.
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    Agreed. I find the Cape Town Motorists to be very patient. Not only during the race when we block off Major access routes through most towns, but even on training rides through the cape, they are very patient and considerate.
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    Most drivers over here are pretty good, but there are still some fools who need gasing IMO. Alot of the bigger races here get a Police escort so trafic isnt a problem in these, but the small club races are a different ball game altogether.