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    From: ronde chumpion ([email protected])
    Subject: Re: Armstrong's Tour De France Time Trials
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    Date: 2003-10-31 11:02:23 PST


    I still don't understand why you post at all, Rik O'Shea. Are you
    even a bicycle rider? Have you ever raced?

    You seem to keep harping on Lance pre and post cancer, and make some
    stupid contrasting statements.

    Listen closely.

    1) Lance set a USCF Junior category national record in 1989 for the
    20k Time Trial. Period. Any words to the effect that his performances
    now are suspect is stupid. He was a raw talent. He spent most of the
    day off the front that year at Jr Worlds in the RR, after which many
    national coaches were duly impressed with his talent.

    2) People are amazed that he can climb now, never taking into account
    he was one of the fiercest attacking riders many times pre cancer.
    Look at Jeremy Ranch (Utah) Elite National RR in 1991, when he smoked
    Steve (the next LeMond) Larsen on the final climb to be champion at
    age 19.

    3) Guys like Darren Baker stating that when LA attacked (Pittsburg,
    Philly, Tour de Trump, or even Flanders, Liege-B-Liege, etc.... NOBODY
    could match his accelerations.

    4) OCH publicly stated that LA was doing the Tour in '93 and even '94
    for experience. The fact that he won a road stage at 21 years old is
    incredible. Most Directors don't allow riders under 24 or 25 to even
    ride the Tour. OCH knew then, he would mature, time trial better as he
    learned how, and eventually be a Tour rider. That was targeted for
    97-98 ish.

    5) In the pro side, riders tend to peak from 28 to 31, so comparing
    Indurain to Armstrong when Lance was younger than Mig is idiotic.

    6) You say he was giving certain efforts in the TT stages of the Tour
    early on. HOW the Fuck do you even know this? You lost all credibilty
    (of which you were given little) when you were POSITIVE Lance was
    riding to defend his 'Yellow' Jersey in 1993. You've since back
    pedaled on that, but the damage is done. You are a RBR "Dumbass"

    7) He lost some body weight, spins a little faster, trains more
    thoroughly, and has entered his peak performance years post cancer. He
    was a champion on many levels in '87 (Tri guy of the year-sprint dist)
    '89 TT record and Worlds ride mentioned earlier, '91 Nat Champ, '93
    Triple Crown Million, USPRO Champ, Tour Road Stage winner (Verdun),
    and then rode away from Big Mig in Oslo to win Worlds RR solo at 21.
    Then proceeded to climb UCI rankings, won Fleche, great rides at LBL,
    San Sebastion (win) and won a ridiculous amount of stages in Tour
    Dupont one year (I think 5).

    The fact that he is good now is not a surprise, and until tents are
    banned (which they won't ever be) his performance is TOTALLY clean.

    All of this, and I don't even like the guy. You are a complete moron
    whose posts here are beginning to bore others as well. Read the subtle
    hints from Saunders, Kurgan, and others in your threads. DumbASS.

    Ronde Chumpion

    can we get some interesting off season stuff? I see that Jones/Julich
    won't be happening like I saw earlier. Booby didn't make the grade.
    Can't wait to here about how he was feeling 'GOOD' at Hamilton until
    fate (F Derailleur) stepped in.
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    "Ken Papai" wrote...
    > Hey,

    That was a darn good post, Mr. Papai.

    J "looking forward to 10/4" F