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  1. Fighting Fat

    By Sudeshna Chatterjee
    Times News Network
    Saturday, June 1, 2002

    If you are fighting the battle of the bulge or to be
    politically incorrect, are pleasantly plump, don't go
    hiding yourself behind doors. Instead, head for the
    Wellspring Centre of Healthcare and Fitness Services,
    Lower Parel -- a one-of-its-kind support group for obese
    people. Started in May, the group has 25 in its fold
    since its first meeting this month. The second meeting is
    scheduled for June 8.

    According to Anar Shah, manager, fitness and sports
    sciences, Wellspring and part of the core team that
    started the group, ''Our centre has Dr Shrihari
    Dhorepatil, an obesity surgeon, who runs his clinic here
    on a rental basis. Support groups are a place where you
    can share information and inspiration with others who can
    relate with your experience. Here we plan to give useful
    advice and selected information by professionals in
    health, nutrition, fitness and obesity. In the next
    meeting, I will talk on dietary habits. Then there are
    presentations and discussions on different aspects of
    obesity and weight management. Participation in the
    support group is free.''

    Obesity means accumulation of body fat. There are
    different degrees of obesity -- mild, moderate and
    severe. Anar explains, ''When the body weight is over 20
    per cent, over 50 per cent and over 100 per cent of the
    ideal weight (as per the height-weight tables), one can
    be considered obese. A medium-framed woman of 5 ft 2'' or
    155 cms should ideally weigh about 49-54 kilos. But if
    she is obese, she will be anywhere 62, 72 or 104 kilos.
    In medical terms, it is the storage of extra fat and is
    considered a chronic illness with multiple origins --
    genetic, dietary, behavioural, etc.'' Obesity is also
    associated with medical problems like heart disease,
    diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc. The World Health
    Organisation (WHO) has already warned about a world-wide
    epidemic of obesity and has dubbed it a ''killer''
    disease. Says a 20-something Sonal (name changed) who
    attended the first meeting, ''I have been obese from the
    beginning. I was born eleven and a half pounds. I guess I
    got it genetically from my mother's side. I tried
    everything, from diet to weight management, but could not
    hold on to anything for long. I can't resist temptation.
    So even when I have eaten enough, I still want to eat
    more. I guess it is a psychological problem.'' And she is
    confident that such a support group can help her. ''It
    helps when you are in the midst of a group that has
    similar problems. And more so when you hear a person who
    has beaten obesity, you feel that even you can do it,''
    she points out.

    Like Sonal, many of you might have been fighting obesity,
    alone. But now, there's a support group that can offer
    you encouragement and comfort in numbers. Go for it.

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