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Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Peter Clapp, Feb 23, 2004.

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    Pacing: like everyone else, my Garmin displays a pace that is slower than I am actually running. I
    think that this is due to arm swing, since if I hold my arm steady and look at the unit for a few
    strides, the displayed pace always drops. I have not tried the "smoothing" function (I wasn't aware
    of it!) - maybe that has the same effect.

    It may be unrealistic to ask a GPS unit to show instantaneous, real-time pace. As a jogger, I use
    the lap function and am satisfied to see my per/mile pace after each mile.

    To me, the Forerunner's best features are its ability to tell me how far I've gone on an unfamiliar
    route and the automatic recording of split times. IMO, these features justify the unit's price.

    I don't know what a GPS-impaired area may be, but the original poster may live in one. My unit
    measures distance consistently and, as far as I can tell, with accuracy.