Fun EASY bike ride in the mountains above Seattle

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Sunday 11 of us went on an easy ride, half are very minimal riders and all had fun. This is sort of
near Seattle, We went to Hyak "near Snoqualimie summit, and rode down the hill on an old rail road
bed to Rattlesnake lake, about 20 miles of all down hill on gravel. It starts out going through a 2
mile long tunnel with no lights. Get a good light for your trip. I only had an ancient Cat's eye
light and it sucked big time. I couldn't see anything except for the occasional reflector on the
bike I was following and the tunnel wall reflectors. You should probably walk across the trestles
that have lose gravel on them. There are several great camp sites along the way and some are right
by beautiful streams too. It was my wife's first time on a recumbent, and I mean for real the first
time, no practice at all, and she laid it down in the tunnel and on one trestle but didn't get hurt.
She was laughing so hard that she couldn't get up for a couple minutes. Anyhow for a real easy ride
this is it with great scenery to boot. L8R, Bri
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