GPS for Windows Mobile


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Jul 21, 2006
Dear Forum,

I've been looking for GPS in preparation for my alp crossing this year and am wondering whether my XDA PDA might not do the trick.

Does anyone know of cycling/map software for a PDA that runs Windows mobile 5 and has an integrated GPS antenna?

wakarusaslowrcr said:
Have you tried Telenav? Not sure it this is what you are looking for or not.
Thanks for the link. Actually, it isn't quite what I'm looking for.

I'd like to use my PDA navigation off road and for cycling. The problem is that the tom-tom software that I have is specific to car drving. It doesn't allow all of the roads that bikes can use, sometimes plans a route on a motorway or other non-suitable road and doesn't work at all off-road.

At the moment, it looks like I'm going to have to buy a Garmin or Magellan device but I'd thought about saving cost by using the GPS that I have on the bike.