have riv atlantis, sold rambo (stupid me) and looking to replace for randonneur/CC touring (moulton

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    i stupidly sold my riv rambouillet a few yrs back and currently only have my riv atlantis (26" rims) and dekerf hardtail...looking to get a new bike to replace rambo for lighter faster touring...

    I was considering searching for a rambo (need a 54" given my inseam is 78.5) and i stand 5'6"...but am also looking at alternatives to a traditional road style frame...ie i've been offered an almost new moulton TSR 30 (anyone have one of these...feedback?) ..OR a great randonneur value (orange velo, habanero?...i've visited their sites but dont' have nany experience with such).

    I live in vancouver bc and ideally would love to get mike barry of mariposa cycles in toronto to make me a custom but he's no longer doing such right now (is retired, i guess)...but that's a $$$ option vs a good used randonneur or stock one..


    thanks y'all!
    joe/aka canali
    vancouver bc canada
    host city 2010 winter olympics
    (and man did this city rock!):)