Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Type Air Suspension


Mar 20, 2023
Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Type Air Suspension

Low Air Leaf Suspension

Low Air Leaf Suspension, also known as leaf spring suspensions, absorb shocks and vibrations in heavy commercial vehicles, similar to air ride suspensions. These tough pieces of spring steel supply the capability of your suspension to move with the terrain of the roadway so that the energy is not transferred from the wheels to the chassis, providing a more comfortable ride.

This Low Air Leaf Suspension reduced its weight 325 lbs. compared its predecessor, Yonglitai’s Air Leaf. It has considerably fewer parts, a higher weight rating (40k), and improved ground clearance. It is approved for use in belly-dumps and when lower fifth-wheel heights are necessary (high-cube van, reefer, bulk-haul, car carriers and high center-of-gravity loads.)With a bonded OE-style rubber bushing, the pin is not allowed to rotate, so the entire bushing can be forced to spin within the eye of the spring thus leading to the wallowed out spring eye. Bonded rubber bushings attempt to combat this with an inboard flanged outer sleeve encased in a ring with detents for “gripping” the edge of the spring’s eye.

No matter which solution you're partial to, Yonglitai Suspensions will ensure you have the perfect truck or trailer suspension solution for your needs! That's what sets us apart; We listen to your needs, and then engineer the proper suspension around those needs.

Leaf-spring typpe air suspension series

Capacity: 9T – 11T

Common model: 15 models,

Brand Name: L1

Material: Alloy steel+Special industrial rubber.

Payment Terms: T/T, Western union,L/C....

Supply Ability: 150000PCS axles /50000sets suspensions each year.

MOQ: One container/50-60pics axle/5-12ets axle assembly.

Production Time: 15days.

Warranty: 12months.

Port: Foshan San Shui.

Low Air Leaf Suspension Features

Leaf springs are light in weight and strong.

Low Air Leaf Suspensions provide good damping action.

Low Air Leaf Suspensions provide good support to the axle and the chassis.

Leaf springs are simple in design.

Leaf springs can withstand a large amount of load when compared to helical springs.

Increased protection of delicate goods

More economical; less wear-and-tear

Increased road safety; more comfort

Less damage to road surfaces

Reduced noise; more environmental protection

Simple adaption to loading ramp heights

Long life-expectancy; reduced costs

Increase vehicle speed

Operational temperature of air sping: -50/55 degree centigrade

Compatible width of vehicle frame: 960mm-1200mm

The factory has passed the ISO and TS16949 standard authentication of international quality control system.

Strict quality control system to assure our excellent product quality.

Low Air Leaf Suspensions are popular in the worldwide market, including North American, South

Low Air Leaf Suspension Characteristics

Single-bridge four-airbag structure, equipped with transverse stabilizer bar and shock absorber, the weight of the air ride suspension kits for semi trucks is lighter than the balance suspension, compact layout, and a certain overload capacity;

Modular heavy duty air suspension kits design, suitable for 4x2 and 6x4 heavy trucks;

The number of the truck air suspension parts is small, and the degree of generalization and interchangeability is high.

Under no-load conditions, due to the lightweight of the vehicle, the air ride truck for sale can reduce fuel consumption and tire wear when the vehicle is running

Compared with the leaf spring suspension, the heavy duty air suspension has a lower frequency deviation, greatly improves comfort, and can effectively protect the transportation of goods, especially suitable for the transportation of hazardous chemicals;

The super duty air ride suspension adopts a series structure of air spring and guides arm, with a lateral thrust rod, which greatly improves the anti-rolling ability of the whole vehicle.